The Gin



Like all good stories, this one began late one night in a dimly lit bar over a gin martini. My business partner Howard Raymond is the son of Paul Raymond, the original 'King of Soho'; flamboyant, creative and full of fun - we decided to create a gin as a celebration of Paul's life. 

The King of Soho Drinks was launched in October 2013 with a Super Premium Distilled London Dry Gin. No less than twelve botanicals are used to create its unique flavour profile.

Encapsulating the rich creativity and unique lifestyle of the effervescent London district, The King of Soho delicately combines citrusy grapefruit with classic juniper to create a perfectly balanced London Dry Gin. Quadruple distilled in London our gin is crafted using traditional methods.

The summer of 2018 saw the launch of The King of Soho Variorum Gin, with a hint of pink and notes of strawberry, we added a new berry edition to our bold and colourful line-up; inspired by the playful and enigmatic streets of Soho.